Whether you are a first home buyer, investor or looking for that perfect place to live, buying a property can be a daunting process. So you have found the perfect place, what next?

Provide us with a copy of the contract for a free contract review. Do this before you bid at auction and/or pay any deposit. You may upload the contract through our contact form above.

We will:

  • Negotiate any amendments to the terms with the vendors representatives;
  • Organise any searches (strata, pest, building) which you may require;
  • Exchange contracts with the vendors representatives (contracts are then legally binding);
  • Assist you with mortgage documents and/or First Home Owner Grant forms;
  • Liaise with the real estate agent, your bank & the vendors representatives;
  • Prepare settlement figures, including all adjustments (usually 6 weeks after exchange);
  • Arrange final inspection of the property;
  • Attend settlement;
  • Report to you throughout the entire process.


If you wish to sell your property, you are legally required to provide a sale contract to prospective purchasers. The contract must include specific documentation that relates to the title, plans, a sewerage diagram an a council zoning certificate. Any special conditions you require for inclusion must also be included.

We will:

  • Prepare the sale contract including obtaining all necessary searches;
  • Forward a copy of the contract to you and your nominated agent;
  • Address any amendments sought by the prospective purchaser;
  • Assist in facilitating the discharge of any mortgage on your property;
  • Review settlement figures;
  • Prepare a direction for cheques to be drawn on settlement;
  • Attend settlement;
  • Report to you throughout the entire process.

Leasing & Business


If you are looking to enter into a commercial or retail lease as a tenant or if you are a landlord who wishes to enter into a lease agreement with a prospective tenant, it is important that you receive the right advice on the lease agreement. Commercial and retail lease agreements are complex documents and if you are not aware of your obligations, any breach of the lease may lead to serious consequences. We have advised hundreds of lessors and lessees on their lease agreements ranging from small commercial spaces to large retail leases in shopping centres.


Likewise, buying or selling a business can be a complex and daunting process. It is important that you conduct your due diligence before entering into a sale of business agreement. We will assist you with:

We will:

  • Conduct initial negotiations and searches;
  • Peruse and advise you on the sale contract or draft the contract (if selling);
  • Facilitate the signing and exchange of the sale contract and payment/receipt of deposit;
  • Issue and/or respond to requisitions;
  • Attending to the execution of transfer documents;
  • Attend to any obligations relating to any lease attached to the business;
  • Attend to any mortgage discharge;
  • Prepare settlement figures and cheque directions;
  • Attending settlement.
  • Report to you throughout the entire process.


It is common for property owners to refinance their mortgage, particularly given the competitive low interest rates currently being offered by banks. Mortgage documents can be complex. We will provide you with a thorough explanation of your obligations and the terms of the agreement.

We will:

  • Liaise with your lender or broker to receive all mortgage documents;
  • Review the documents and advise you of the key terms and obligations;
  • Review any property valuations obtained as part of the refinance procedure;
  • Address any requirements of the lender or broker;
  • Execute all documents as required;
  • Arrange a discharge of mortgage with your current lender;
  • Arrange and attend settlement;
  • Report to you throughout the entire process.

About Us

The Conveyancers is the property division of Bazzi Lawyers and as such, all of the work completed on your property transaction is completed by experienced lawyers. Our office is located at Rockdale, however, no matter where you are or where you are buying or selling, the majority of the work completed may be done online. Where we do need to meet with you, we can do so at your convenience after hours or on weekends.

Our team is led by Danny Bazzi, a lawyer with over 20 years of experience dealing with property matters and a range of other practice areas. The benefit of utilising lawyers in your transaction is that we can advise you on, and deal with, any other issues that may arise from your property transaction immediately and efficiently.

The Conveyancers maintain the latest technology ensuring that the service provided to you is efficient and cost effective. This includes the newly introduced ”electronic settlements” which further supports our mantra of always providing a simple, convenient and cost effective service.


The Conveyancers did a great job at dealing with both the purchase and sale of my property. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner and without issue. Danny and his team were easy to deal with and provided all the right information whenever it was needed.

Sale & Purchase


Fixed Price

For peace of mind, and to avoid any nasty surprises, we offer a fixed fee service. Many conveyancing services who offer fixed fees often only fix the fees for their work and do not include additional expenses which are essential to your transaction. Our fixed fee promise supports our mantra of providing a simple, convenient and cost effective service.

Our fixed fees are as follows:

Refinance Matters: $660.00.

Property Purchase: $880.00* (Includes our fees for doing the work, title search, Council rates search, water rates search, and land tax certificate).

Property Sale: $880.00* (Includes our fees for doing the work, title search, plans, section 88B instrument, two LPI dealings, Council zoning certificate and sewerage diagram).

Commercial leases and sale/purchase of business:  from $880.00. A quote will be provided subject to the amount of work required.

*For Sydney metropolitan area only, anything outside of Sydney incurs a $150 additional fee. Additional fees will also be incurred where there are multiple dealings affecting the property which need disclosure, strata searches, LPI fees, bank cheque fees, additional sewer information, common property searches, additional government enquiries, pest and building reports. Commercial real estate matters and any purchases off the plan will incur an additional fee of $300.00.


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